Milano Conference and Stuff


“After more than a month later(Yes I am a little lazy. Yes A LITTLE) Milan Conference I find some time to write a blog post. I wrote something on plane while returning home this is the computer written version of it. Was a little sick and some things have to dealt with in my school. So enjoy :)”


After the conference at Milan I wanted to share my experiences. This is about observations and thoughts about conference and some speech people made and some general things about Milan, Italy and Cultural things.

So –

It was my first global Free Software/Open Source conference. I joined a few local conferences in Turkey before but this was first in that big scope. I wasn’t expecting learning this much from a conference. It was one of the greatest experiences of mine.

I joined both hackatons. Solved a bug with Siqi and Florian, get some pointers to implement Expert Config page a search bar from Kendy and about Collaborative editing from Michael. The most important thing is I feel more self-esteemed and more ambitious about being a LO hacker 🙂 .

For a person who has visual memory it is good to meet people and match faces with names. My social skills are not great in English. So I was a listener mostly. Need sometime to think and understand the things. But speaking need much more time. Much much more time. 🙂 I had this time when returning back to home. And have some thoughts and here is a great place to tell them 🙂


Disclaimer: Completely personal ideas! It means may contain some unrelated and/or wrong parts. Feel free to comment or Ignore.


I have some thoughts about CloudOn and their focus on OOXML. They are focusing on OOXML and interoperability with MS Office because and this is a great thing. But it is also great for LibreOffice too. Lets have a look how things work in my country. Not speaking about companies, it is my friends and family. People use MS Office mostly(over %95 maybe ?). Most of them are pirating it, so it is free for them(!). They are completely happy with it and don’t need anything else. It is “the original”. They don’t care the rest. When I tell try LibreOffice and don’t pirate software, they generally try it. But starting to compare it with MS Office immediately. When they encountered a problem, raging immediately and never use it again.

Because of the MS Office is “the original” for them, they don’t even try to use ODF. So my way is telling them to use LibreOffice and if you find a problem. Try old MS formats first. The old binary format filters are more mature then OOXML. And this is better way to encourage people to use LibreOffice. They rage less often this way. After some time later using LibreOffice, I start to recommend ODF. So with this way my friends are using LibreOffice for their daily usage.

This is great especially for students like me, small companies, teachers etc etc. I think key part of the migration for this kind of people is OOXML interoperability. For bigger companies use Office programs so much story might be different.

But it is not enough. LibreOffice has a great community. It is also a growing community. We need great features like remote control apps for smartphones(hold on, we already have this great apps!!! ;)), collaborative editing as well as the interoperability. And some small things that matters too much to the end user.

There are a lot of opportunities to work on LibreOffice. Tons of easyhacks for people new to development. There are tons of design work going on for people interested in Graphics. Also of course you can tell people about LibreOffice. 🙂

There was a lot of talks during conference. I was on Development track mostly. As I said I was mostly a learner during conference. So I don’t have much to say about other talks. 🙂

Also thank to organizers for giving me this chance and thanks for the cool t-shirt. 🙂




It was my first abroad experience. And this doubled the excitement :). Architecture was great on streets. People are mostly like us, I find too many common things. People mostly don’t know English. Learning a few words to ask someone the way is helpful. A lot of words are looks like English. Also someone can speak Turkish also can pronounce Italian words easily. There is not much to see in Milano maybe but you should see Duomo, Galleria and la scala. I couldn’t but you should go see the Castello also. And if you have time, walk to your destination and enjoy the architecture on streets. 🙂



Türkçe versiyon


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